Wow – Thank-you!

Last weekend I advertised an offer online and a Twitter friend sent a link to the well known actress and National Treasure Kathy Burke who was running an initiative to promote artisan products. A massive thank-you to her for this because her intervention went on to generate 19 mixed print and art card sales in 24 hours! Literally a window on what may be achieved if small businesses with nominal margins had affordable access to a reach of 450K followers! There’s is another blog post in this because I am sure we accidentally hit the perfect demographic mix.

All but one order was dispatched in 36 hours and I’ve already had some great feedback by e-mail. This from Beth who received some art cards as a present;

Hi Steve, just received your fab cards and the guys were right: I love them!  A great idea and superb quality, what’s not to love?!



This site doesn’t have a link (yet) to my Google Business page for 45 renegade where it’s possible to leave feedback, but if any readers would like to leave some *5 Stars* for me it would be greatly appreciated and encourage future sales.

I’ve replenished my stock so if any benevolent reader with 450K followers would like to get involved please drop me a line!

Thanks again to Kathy and all my valued customers, these orders mean a lot and enable me to reinvest in developing new products for this art project.